DID system of 29. Collective pronouns are they/them

So, I decided I trusted you enough for you to view my super secret, incredibly hazardous, system PAGE... I hope you don't regret your decision... MWAHAHA...

I don't really like using the pronoun 'we', so I'm just gonna say 'I' :P I am a DID system of 29 alters, including me, and I made this PAGE for my dearest friends to learn more about not only me but also them! Let me explain how this will work:

Below, you can probably see multiple different names. When you click on one, it will lead you to another PAGE that contains the information about that alter listed. Each PAGE you see will have been customized and written by the alter whom it belongs to... unless they are too young, they are dormant, or don't want to LEL. Please, enjoy your time here, and if you don't want to view all the PAGES, then you obviously don't have to :}

Sally Keith Pareo & Chu2 Aries Lily Avery Beetle Hunter Eleanor Juliet Briar 10 Monica & Adelaide Jayden Puppie Zoe Katie Shirley Sadie Angel Rudy Christine Sinatra Milo Shroud Karat