He/lime/bun, 16, white, TME & ablebodied

Hello! This is my ABOUT page, a page all about... ME! I am a 16 year old bigender boy. I have depression, anxiety, BPD, and am also a system which makes me want to explode. I am a fictive of Mayoi Ayase and Kusakabe Hikaru but I don't let that define me

I have MANY things that I like to do, but my main hobbies are drawing, writing, coding, cooking, crocheting, reading, and browsing amazon for no reason! I like hanging out with my friends, but when it comes to actually hanging out with them outside of school, I can't because I get too anxious... and I always think something bad will happen and I'll die. So I mainly call my friends on discord and talk to them on Twitter!

If you're reading this because it's linked in my bio on my Twitter account, then I suppose you're going to learn WAY more about me than you initially wanted to. I guess this means that I have to make a DNI list... to which I say: you can find that here!

In general, I am just a very silly guy. I like to express myself online and take joy in knowing I can make other people laugh and feel good :} I am also a very axious and stressed person, but that's just because I overthink every single thing ever. I think this is all I have to say about myself, so please feel free to explore the other PAGES!